The Suzuki Method

Suzuki playing violin

Suzuki lessons recommended for all beginners under age 8, but we also offer traditional lessons as well.

“Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed. Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability, just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue. The potential of every child is unlimited.”    – Schinichi Suzuki

What is the Suzuki Method?

Schinichi Suzuki developed a method for teaching violin to young children based on the realization that children all over the world learn to speak their native language with ease.

He then applied the basic principles of early language learning to the learning of music, and called his method the mother-tongue approach.  Some of these ideas are:

  • starting music study at a young age
  • listening to lots of music and learning to play by ear
  • repetition and accumulating a “vocabulary” of musical pieces
  • parent involvement in the lessons and home practice
  • learning in a positive and encouraging environment
  • learning from other children in group classes
  • delaying learning to read music until technical competence is achieved
  • the philosophy that every child can

“Dr. Suzuki’s goal was not simply to develop professional musicians, but to nurture loving human beings and help develop each child’s character through the study of music.” – SAA

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