Violin Lessons South Jersey – Suzuki and Traditional

At Lucchi Violin Studio we offer both traditional and Suzuki method violin lessons.  If you are wondering what is better for you or your child, here is some information about the two methods.

The Suzuki Method is recommended for all beginners under age 8.  It builds on the principles of early language acquisition in children.  These principles include starting music study at a young age, listening to lots of music and learning to play by ear, repetition and accumulating a “vocabulary” of musical pieces, parent involvement in the lessons and home practice, learning in a positive and encouraging environment, learning from other children in group classes, delaying learning to read music until technical competence is achieved, and the philosophy that every child can.  Our Suzuki students attend group class as well as private lessons, and the parents are required to attend the lessons, and be the at home practice “helper”.  Suzuki students will learn to play by ear by listening to a recording, and learn to read later.  We find that learning in this way results in better intonation and tone.  The lessons focus on proper technique, because we feel it is extremely important to set up good posture and technique from the beginning in order to avoid bad habits that will hinder progress in the future.   Another interesting aspect of the Suzuki method is the continual review of all music that has been learned.  Students continue to perfect and polish all their pieces, so that they are not just “learning the notes” and then moving on to the next piece, they are instead raising their playing to it’s full potential.

For students older than age 8 who are taking traditional violin lessons, parental involvement is not required.  Depending on the parent/child relationship, it can still be helpful.  Even high school students sometimes need a reminder to practice.   Most of our advanced students are not learning their pieces by ear, they are competent music readers at that point so there is a different approach in how a new piece is learned, although listening is still of the utmost importance.  Students taking traditional lessons would not still be reviewing their previous pieces, instead we would work on technique through the study of scales and etudes.  Many of our advanced students have won positions in the All South Jersey Orchestra, All State Orchestra, Philadelphia Sinfonia, Temple Prep Orchestra, and the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra, to name a few.

If you are looking for violin lessons in South Jersey, or looking for a violin teacher in the Cherry Hill, Marlton, Moorestown, Haddonfield, or Voorhees areas, Lucchi Violin Studio is the place to choose!